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Consumers are at the heart of the healthcare ecosystem. We believe consumers to have full control over their healthcare information for their life time – irrespective of which provider they consult with and the insurance they are using.
Controlling who has access to this information, scheduling/cancelling for appointments, getting automated reminders, integrating your healthy living data are just the cherry on the top.

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A happy, efficient and confident provider will be the life line in improving the overall quality of the healthcare eco system. We believe providers should spend less time and money in finding and entering the information and more time in patient care and diagnosis.
Our tools will provide you with easy and secure access to your patient’s history, doctor’s notes and medication to help you care better and faster. Your staff will spend less time doing manual work of scheduling/cancelling appointments, sending out reminders. After all, time is money! Quite literally in this case!

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Healthcare Insurance companies want to improve health outcomes at a lower cost by improving medication adherence, as well as improve customer engagement. They need insights to understand and anticipate medication non-adherence to drive and measure more effective intervention strategies. They also need to ensure the benefits of various plans are accessible to the public.
We help healthcare insurance companies by increasing patient medication adherence through medication, test and appointment reminders and improving health outcomes. We also provide a policy marketplace where consumers can evaluate, compare health insurance plans and take a well-educated decision.

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Consumer choices regarding filling of prescriptions are becoming increasingly limited due to growing consolidation and ever more-restricted networks, co-pays and information sharing, which is frustrating for both consumers and pharmacies. Pharmacists, the most trusted healthcare resources that are well positioned to help consumers with their care management, find it difficult to provide help due to lack of information sharing. Dangerous drug combinations are a major public health problem, hospitalizing tens of thousands of people each year. Pharmacists are the last line of defence here, and their role is growing as Americans use more prescription drugs than ever.
Our application allows sharing of crucial information with the pharmacy, such as Medication Histories, Drug Formularies and Knowledge to Provider, Refill requests by Consumers. We also provide Alerts for when the prescription is available for pickup, when the prescription has to be taken and many more.

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Our Solution

Digital Health Wallet
Digital Health Profile
Find Doctor
Manage Appointments
(Rx, Lab, Followup)
Doctor / Hospital Visit Notes
Notify changes in Insurance
Rate Visit Quality & Feedback
Medication Refills
In-App Communication
to Doctor's Office

HIPAA Certified Infrastructure

Secured Data Storage and Integration with EHR, IoT

Blockchain Platform Integration

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